A proper farewell to Detroit #coneydog #flight (at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW))
I don’t take criticism seriously and I don’t take praise seriously, both would be a mistake. If you buy into the negative that is the Internet today, or the cynical critic, it’s not unlike listening to an abusive father that’s trying to cave you in and you can’t function. If you buy into praise, to people who adore you, you might get lazy and say, ‘Well, I’ll just keep doing that.’ You have to stay uncomfortable. I learned that from David Bowie. I said, ‘How do you do it? How do you keep reinventing yourself?’ He said, ‘I just never got comfortable with anything I was doing.’ I knew those were words of wisdom from a great artist and I took those words seriously.
- Nicolas Cage…On Praise & Criticism (via nicolascagedaily)


Decided to do a detailed render of the player character. Bolt heads galore

Cleaning #fish #rainforest (at Rainforest Cafe Detroit Great Lakes)

when ur mom comes home early and u gotta change back from ur shark form QUICK